Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Bits of News

Two bits of news from the Mocs front tonight.

First of all, Dontay Hampton is done for the year, and probably his career after reinjuring his knee against Elon on Thursday night. This is a sad loss for the Mocs.

Second, it appears that Farad Cobb's "bad week at practice" was a little bit more.

Let's talk Hampton first. This is tragic. The Mocs really needed his leadership. He has all the makings of becoming a fine coach in the coming years. I hope he has every success in the future.

As for Cobb, I have very little to add, other than that this is probably not a major problem. Until I know the full extent of what happened, I don't want to dive into too much. I am disappointed, but I do think that I don't know enough details to truly be too upset at this point.

I am confused as to why Coach Shulman would not just come right out and say what happened, instead of calling it a "bad week at practice." But, it is what it is.

In other words, Cobb and Hampton are probably both not around for the time being. This puts critical emphasis on moving Rico White BACK to point guard. Alex Bran will see a lot of minutes in the coming games.

This is unfortunate for the Mocs basketball team. I am really rooting for both Hampton and Cobb to have every success as we move forward. For Cobb, I hope this helps him mature. For Hampton, I hope this helps him to become an even better person than he already is.....


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