Monday, September 26, 2011

The Point of All This (aka a Mission Statement)

Look- I know that a Mission Statement on a blog is a little, um, unusual. But I think that for everyone to understand why I do what I do in this blog might be a nice little excercise.

I figure that my reasons are threefold.

1) The Selfish Reason. I love the Mocs message board. It's fun to talk Mocs basketball on there. But sometimes I feel like I shouldn't say everything I want to say. No one wants to read my diatribes on there. However, people can choose to come to the blog or not. So, I can write however much I feel like, and people can read it or not. Whatever. No big deal. Therefore, it is completely selfish of me to do this blog. It gives me an outlet for all of my thoughts, excitement, and frustration. It's perfect.

2) The Information Reason. A few years ago, before I started this blog, I would sit around on gamedays, nervously waiting for the game. I would check out the opponents stats, and probably would have watched at least a game or two of them prior to the Mocs game with them. I would read the Times Free Press gameday article, the article, the opposing schools articles in their newspaper and on their website (if there was one), and I would wish for more. I wished that I could find more information about the Mocs. I would wish that there was more coverage. This idea started forming in my mind. I kept on wishing that there were blogs out there about the Mocs to read on a daily basis- just that one or two more articles about the Mocs each day to help satisfy my hunger to read more about the Mocs. It didn't need to be chock full of pertinent information- it just needed to be about the Mocs, have opinions on the Mocs, have any news on the Mocs, and have previews and reviews. Finally, I decided that I should go out and try to be part of the solution to that problem rather than wish that someone else would be part of the solution. It only partially solves my problem of wanting more information, but hopeully it can help maybe satisfy someone else- if just a little bit.

3) The Helpful Reason. Before anyone thinks that I am placing way too much importance on my blog, let me say, I get it. It's not that big of a deal. In this Information Age that we live in, it is important for schools to have embraced the new media. Recruits want their families and friends to be able to follow their performance in their games. It helps to have games on TV. It helps to have the games broadcast on the internet, and things like MocsVision really helps. Message boards help. School websites that are up to date, and newspaper articles help. People tweeting and Faceboook feeds help. I believe that blogs also play a small role in that. Consider this- if two schools and coaching staffs are even in a recruits mind, and one has better coverage of them for the families to cover than the other one (including all forms of media, not just a blog) then maybe that sways the recruit toward that school in the end. It probably does not make a huge difference. But it can help some. It is for this ever so slight bump that I felt that there needed to be just a little bit more coverage of the Mocs out there. This blog is to try to provide that touch more coverage for families and friends of the players to follow the team, and for any fans of the Mocs to follow the team a little bit closer, from anywhere around the world.

Those are my goals. Obviously, this does not mean that I will never be harsh to the people surrounding Mocs basketball. It also doesn't mean that I will not praise to the people surrounding Mocs baskebtall. I try to tell it as I see it, and cover the Mocs the best way I know how.

I've always loved to write. And I thoroughly enjoy writing this blog. I hope you all out there enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, September 19, 2011

I got a rock....

The schedule has to be coming any day now, right? That's what we're waiting for so patiently.

It is hard to believe. I've been patiently waiting on the schedule every day for a month now. Every day I wake up, hopeful that today will be the day. Like a kid who only gets coal in his stocking at Christmas, or Linus, who gets rocks in Halloween bag, I end the day disappointed.

It has to be coming soon.

Here's what we basically know. Indiana, Butler, Kentucky, and Tennessee will all be road games. The Mocs will play all four. Right out of the gate, Indiana and Butler will be played. Kentucky comes in mid-December. Tennessee follows in early January. There's a trip to Mercer, and home dates with Kennesaw State, Gardner-Webb, and Savannah State.

In other news, the Mocs were picked to finish first in a couple of preseason magazines. They are picked to win the North Division. It looks like this is probably how the conference will be prognosticated in the preseason.

That sets the table for an article on what the Mocs goals should be for this season. That's coming up in a few days.

Now if we could just get that schedule released....