Monday, July 25, 2011

Trey Brown Fits The Mold

Click here for full story on is running a weekly series on each of the newcomers to the Mocs roster this year. Each week, when the story posts on Monday, I will give my reaction to each player, and give my opinion on how much they will contribute in 2011-12.

Trey Brown is exactly the sort of player that John Shulman looks for. He has found an athletic, tweener of a player who can play the three. This is what the Mocs had Goffney a few years back, and it is something that Shulman looks for in his threes.

The Mocs don't have that exactly right now. Sure, Wattad and Taylor can play that position, and they play it well, but they do not really have the athletic skills combined with the size that Goffney had. They also do not appear to have the athleticism/size combination that Brown appears to have.

When reading the article on GoMocs, Shulman makes it clear that Brown needs to work on getting to the hole better, but that he can shoot well, and is long and a great defender. If he can play great defense, he will get a shot to play this year with the Mocs. Shulman has made that clear in the past as well.

A 6-7 three in the SoCon? That could be a weapon. I hope that they keep him at three, and don't try to shove him into the four hole like Early has been. I don't think Brown has a big enough frame to play four really- but he probably can in a pinch. I'd prefer to keep him at three, where his athleticism can really be utilized.

Looking at the roster, it looks to me like Brown has about 40/60 shot of being redshirted. Personally, I think he is probably ready to play, based on the highlight reels and looking at the depth chart. I think there will be three redshirts of the six new guys, and I think Brown has about a sixty percent chance of being one of those redshirts. I think he could be a nice back-up at the three spot, and a very good player in a couple of years.

Of course, we'll know nothing until practice opens in a few months, but I really like Brown. I like him as much as I like any of the newcomers (outside of Mason), and think that he could contribute. He might need a year of seasoning and then be ready for a big redshirt freshman season in 2012-13. If he does not redshirt, though, I expect him to play a fairly big role in the coming season.