Thursday, January 24, 2013

Battle of North vs. South- 1/24/13

Thursday Scores

Davidson (S) 79
Western Carolina (N) 74

Georgia Southern (S) 62
Appalachian State (N) 64

at North
North- 6
South- 4

at South
North- 7
South- 2

North- 13
South- 6


The North was huge early in the year. Now, things are starting to get a little bit tighter, and suddenly the South is back in it. Davidson is 3-0 against the North. That has been a major reason that the North has inched back into it. Appalachian State's overtime survival against Georgia Southern was huge for the North. The Mountaineers win was very important for the North. It continued to give the North a seven game lead over the South. The North needs to win twelve of the remaining twenty nine games to win the regular season battle. This weekend, Georgia Southern goes to Western Carolina and Davidson goes to Appalachian State. If the North wins one of those two, the North should feel very good about things. In games Davidson is not playing, the North is 13-3.

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