Thursday, January 17, 2013

Battle of North vs. South- 1/17/13

Thursday's Score

Furman (S) 59
Elon (N) 73

at North
North- 4
South- 2

at South
North- 7
South- 2

North- 11
South- 4


The North collected another win on Thursday night, and now head into the weekend with a commanding 11-4 lead over the South. There are a couple of games this weekend between the North and the South. On Saturday, Wofford goes to Elon, which is a very interesting game. On Sunday, UNCG hosts Furman. If the North collects one win, they will be halfway to the required total to finish in a tie in the Battle of North vs. South. Tie goes to the South, since they won it last year. (Hey- why not? I get to make up my own rules since I am kind of making up the game.) The result so far is that the North has five of six teams over .500 in SoCon play and the South has four of six teams under .500. One of the more interesting things to happen this year in the SoCon is how well the North has performed so far.

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