Saturday, January 26, 2013

Battle of North vs. South

Saturday Scores

Elon (N) 70
The Citadel (S) 66

Davidson (S) 79
Appalachian State (N) 56

Georgia Southern (S) 72
Western Carolina (N) 66

at North
North- 6
South- 6

at South
North- 8
South- 2

North- 14
South- 8


The South is creeping back into this thing. With the Georgia Southern upset of Western Carolina, suddenly this thing looks like it is anything but over. The North is still in prime position with a six game cushion, and needs to win just eleven of the remaining twenty six showdowns to claim the title, but this is starting to get close. The interesting thing is that the road team has gone 14-8 in these match-ups so far. The road team seems to be winning at an inordinate rate in these games. We'll see if that continues as we move forward. The South is starting to close the gap on the North right now.

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  1. Week 13 should be a good one for the South. At least 3-1.