Monday, May 13, 2013

Fetch Me Will Wade.....

It doesn't make a lot of sense, but for some sense this as been running through my head all day long....

Fetch me Will Wade!

Oh well.

Regardless, here we are. Will Wade has been named the new head basketball coach at Chattanooga. You can read about Will Wade here, here, and here.

There's very little for me to add to the three different biographies there.

Regardless, not having anything to add has never stopped me before. So, here goes with my few things to add to the equation.

Wade is known best for being one of the key masterminds behind the "Havoc" defense that VCU played. Their defense got burned on a numerous occasions this year, most memorably by Michigan in their second game of the NCAA Tournament (Round of 32 or third round, depending on what you call it). Quick guards that don't turn the ball over and play disciplined as a team performed well against VCU's defense.

That sounds a little like Davidson. That being said, Davidson does not have just unbelievable guard play. It will be interesting to see the Mocs new defense go up against the Wildcats next year, Davidson's last in the SoCon. They may be a little more like Butler, who VCU dominated last year.

Do the Mocs have the ability to play this kind of defense immediately? I think they do. Quick, long players that play with high energy are how I would describe VCU's best defensive players. If that does not describe Casey Jones and Gee McGhee, I'm not quite sure what does. I think that Lance Stokes also plays like that. Rico White and Z Mason will not be unable to perform at that level, I don't think. Eric Robertson is not as long as some of the others, but he could play well. Jared Bryant? I thought he played decently in the press defense last year.

The Mocs were playing a full court press defense at times last year. It did not always work. Coach John Shulman was trying to spark the team, and it worked at times. I thought the Mocs played their best off of that pressure for much of the year. Now, they will have the opportunity to play like that all year long. I think this is nothing but good for the Mocs. It was a new idea for Coach Shulman- the idea of the press defense will not be foreign to Wade.

I have heard the one word from virtually everyone regarding Wade- whether they were positive or negative about him. They use the word "brilliant" to describe him. I truly believe that that is perfect for Chattanooga. They need someone to come in and orchestrate this thing. He may need to get some assistants with some experience to help him through some of the finer points of coaching. But I think that Wade can be a top level head coach in the right situation. I truly believe this is that right situation.

I think the Mocs have the pieces in place to be a really good team next year. Will Wade will be bringing the "Chaos" defense to Chattanooga. This is truly a great day to be a Moc fan. We'll see where we go from here.

Here's to hoping that everyone decides not to transfer from Chattanooga and that all the recruits stay on board.