Thursday, January 31, 2013

Battle of North vs. South- 1/31/13

Thursday Score

Samford (N) 51
Davidson (S) 71

at North
North- 6
South- 6

at South
North- 8
South- 4

North- 14
South- 10


Another night, another night with ground made up by the South against the North. Davidson is now 5-0 against the North, while the rest of the South is 5-14. This means that there are just three more games for Davidson against the North. Can the North stop the bleeding this weekend? UNCG goes to College of Charleston and Chattanooga heads to Georgia Southern. The South is the heavy favorite in both games, but there is always a chance that the North could pull an upset. Right now, twelve games have been at the North and twelve games have been at the South. We are exactly halfway through this battle.

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