Thursday, December 5, 2013

SoCon Four Year Standings

Alumni donate money to schools. It has been proven that alumni that experience their athletic programs being better while they are in school. So which SoCon school has been most successful in recent years? We'll look at the final four year standings through last year (based on SoCon win loss record). The best way to compare the SoCon programs is to look at their record in the SoCon play against like opponents, so that the disparity of out of conference schedules is not considered. We'll also give the first look at three year standings as the baseline for what this year is looking like. As this season progresses, the four year standings will be the three year standings plus whatever happens this year.

Here we go.

1) Davidson 54-18 (.750) (2 division titles, 2 tournament championships)
2) Wofford 48-24 (.667) (1 division title, 2 tournament championships)
3t) Appalachian State 40-32 (.556) (1 divisipon title)
3t) Western Carolina 40-32 (.556) (1 division title)
5) Elon 34-38 (.472) (1 division title)
6) Chattanooga 31-41 (.431)
7) Furman 30-42 (.417)
8) UNCG 28-44 (.389) (1 division title)
9t) Georgia Southern 26-46 (.361)
9t) Samford 26-46 (.361)
11) The Citadel 22-48 (.314)

Three years:

1) Davidson 43-11 (.796) (2 division titles, 2 tournament titles)
2) Wofford 33-21 (.611) (1 tournament championship)
3t) Elon 29-25 (.537) (1 division title)
3t) Western Carolina 29-25 (.537) (1 division title)
5) Appalachian State 27-27 (.500)
6) Chattanooga 25-29 (.463)
7) Furman 23-31 (.426)
8) UNCG 22-32 (.407) (1 division title)
9) Samford 21-33 (.389)
10) Georgia Southern 20-34 (.370)
11) The Citadel 14-40 (.259)

What does this mean? Davidson is clearly the best program over the last three and four years- not particularly surprisingly. Wofford is the second best, though a distant second. It is almost impossible for Wofford to catch Davidson this year. They are ten games back. The good news? Davidson is gone after this year and they won't have to compete with them anymore. The bad news? Elon and Western Carolina are close and could catch them potentially.

The Citadel has clearly been the worst program during these last three or four years. UNCG likely passes Furman for 7th with their division title. Possibly, they even pass Chattanooga thanks to that division title, though the Mocs have a shared division title that did not get listed.

This will be interesting to follow. We'll follow it throughout the coming season.

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