Monday, December 9, 2013

Hiwassee Preview: Practice Time

Hiwassee is 1-8 on the year.

Yep, that's about all we know about the Hiwassee Tigers.

After a little bit more digging, I discovered one boxscore (easily) in a game they were participating in. That game was a 70-62 loss to Asbury. The Tigers Justin Browner was a high volume shooter. He took 21 shots in the game, but made just five of them. He played 36 minutes, collecting 12 points, 6 assists, and four rebounds.

Joel Bailey shot 5 of 10, with 10 points and 10 rebounds, while playing 40 minutes. Asbury outrebounded Hiwassee 47-42. Hiwassee shot just 37.9% from the field for the game, forcing eight turnovers, while committing just ten.

The Mocs have been dominant against non-D1 teams this year. Hiwassee's 1-8 record suggests that this game will be no different.

I apologize for the lack of an in-depth preview in this one. But with my travel plans being majorly delayed and the lack of information readily available on Hiwassee, there doesn't seem to be a lot to say.


The Mocs are practicing a lot right now as they have time off after their games against Georgia, Nevada, UCLA, IUPUI and Morehead State. This is a nice little practice game (almost) against a team in a different uniform. The Mocs will continue to work to perfect the stuff they are working on. Assuming the Mocs show focus to performing in this one, this should be little more than a scrimmage. The Mocs are trying to get ready for a couple of tough ones before Christmas against UAB and Northern Kentucky. This is an important step to establishing a winning identity. Z Mason will be a beast, and we will see several new wrinkles from this club. Mocs 107, Tigers 61.

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