Sunday, December 1, 2013

SoCon Dork Tour- Charleston Classic

An unfortunate start to the trip on Wednesday night, as the Dorpmobile encountered some difficulty heading down I-85.  Between mile markers 89 and 88, something broke.  The gas pedal was being pressed, but it was not making the car go.  That is the extent of my mechanical explanation of what happened.  With Mrs. Dorp and JAM in the car, we managed to make our way over to a narrow shoulder.  Called the cops, a tow truck, and some friends in Greensboro to come fetch us.  Fortunately, we were only 40 minutes down the road.  An event like that could've been real trouble elsewhere.  Once back at home, we reloaded in the other car and started again on Thursday morning.

First destination was Kiawah Island, the location of our lodging for the weekend.  We unpacked and then headed back to Charleston.  The Davidson pregame location was the King Street Grille, where we met up with fellow Wildcat fans and discussed how to get a W.
A much needed beverage after a rough start to the trip.

First opponent- Georgia.  The first official Davidson game for JAM.  We sat across the arena from the Wildcat bench, and JAM sported his noise-reducing headphones- he'd jumped a few times at the Red-Black game when the buzzer sounded.
First Wildcat game- a win.
The game went fairly well for the Cats.  Brooks had 21 and Sullivan had 20.  We took advantage of Georgia's big and slow guys, got to the foul line, protected the ball, and came out with the victory.  Aside from letting Djurisic go nuts, we controlled the game fairly well.

Sullivan for three.

Wardrobe.  Dorp- Black out Belk "BOB" black shirt.  Mrs. Dorp- Red Wildcat t-shirt.  JAM- GO CATS onesie.

A shot of the victorious wardrobe

No dance teams from either school, but there were dueling local high school bands and some sort of spirit teams.  The representatives on our end of the court were fairly unenthusiastic.  The band wasn't very energetic and the girls with the pompoms were only half-heartedly trying.  

Miles Traveled- 379 (*not counting Wednesday's troubles).  Season total: 836.

Attendance:  Dorp 5 (Cats 1-3).  Graveline 2 (0-2).  Mrs. Dorp 2 (1-0). JAM 2 (1-0).

Energized by the win, I woke up early and went for a run on Friday morning.  It's easy to put the miles in when distracted- trees, birds, deer, the beach, etc.  
The deer were up early too.

We then went on a bike ride, in search of alligators.
We beat Georgia Southern to them by a day.

We then joined a dozen or so Wildcat fans for dinner on the island prior to the late game against the Clemson Tigers.
Pregame meal

There's not much to say about the game.  Our shooting percentages, especially from the free throw line, were horrific.  Brooks got hurt boxing out for a rebound on a free throw.  It looked like there was some dampness on the floor.  I'll briefly mention that, while it's cute to have little kids manning the floor towels, they often don't have the arm reach to sufficiently do the job. Unfortunately, this may have been the cause of the injury.

Wardrobe.  Dorp- Red Davidson basketball dry-fit shirt (to be put on hiatus).  Mrs. Dorp- Red Wildcat t-shirt.  JAM- collared red Davidson logoed onesie.

Miles traveled:  54.  Season total: 890

Attendance:  Dorp 6 (Cats 1-4).  Graveline 3 (0-3).  Mrs. Dorp 3 (1-1). JAM 3 (1-1).
The off day on Saturday allowed for more bike riding on the island, and a little swimming both in the ocean and the pool.  There was some confusion regarding Sunday's gametime.  We eventually realized that a noon tipoff was best for our travel plans.  We headed back up to Charleston for the third place contest against New Mexico, a revenge game from the midnight insanity in Albuquerque last November.
Not the favorite sight of Wildcat fans.

The game started our fairly well for the Cats, all things considering.  We weren't getting any calls.  The Lobos had traveled all the way across the country, and felt the need to do a little more during the game without recourse.  The game was close around 10 minutes in.  Then it looked like we ran out of gas as the Lobos went on a run.  New Mexico was much bigger than Davidson, but our guards did fairly well defending them.  The Wildcats tried to get a comeback going in the second half, but it was not to be.
Everyone was still at church.

Being fatherly.

Wardrobe.  Dorp- Black Feed the Swede.  Mrs. Dorp- Red sweatshirt.  JAM- Davidson hooded sweatshirt.

Miles traveled:  326.  Season total: 1216

Attendance:  Dorp 7 (Cats 1-5).  Graveline 4 (0-4).  Mrs. Dorp 4 (1-2). JAM 4 (1-2).

Next planned stop on the Dork Tour:  Presbyterian at UNCG, 12/3.

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