Thursday, December 26, 2013

Daily Dribbles- 12/26/13

--In case you missed it (and you may have since it was posted on Christmas), a look at Appalachian decision to leave the SoCon.

--Appalachian State is asking for 25 things to have a good Christmas.

--As good of a time as any to check in on the College of Charleston Cougars. All they want for Christmas is SOME OFFENSIVE EXECUTION!!!! Something most of us can relate to.

--Can the SoCon continue their respectable week from a week ago? I'm not sure. Saturday is a key day in that regard. Samford goes to Marquette and Furman goes to California in games that the SoCon team will be big underdogs. How does UNCG do against Virginia Tech? Maybe more importantly, how does Georgia Southern do against North Carolina A&T? All of these are road games. Longwood and Wright State are the only teams North Carolina A&T have beaten this year that is a D1 team? This is only their third home game of the year.

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