Wednesday, December 4, 2013

SoCon Dork Tour: E-Dork Tour

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Although the dork tour has toured all over this fair country of ours, the e-dork tour has gone even futher afield.  I have listened to games over the team lines in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, and about 10 different states.  

This is a testament to new technology.  When I began my stint as a Teamline warrior in 2000, I had to dial in over AOL and hope the broadcast held up.  It would disconnect at least once, sometimes due to the dial up motem, other times due to the ornery nature of Teamline itself.  On the upside, sometimes I would miss our traditional 4 minute scoring drought at the end of the first half.  Once, in a fit of desperation I called a friend who lived in Charlotte and had him put his phone next to the radio. Technology, bitches!

Circa 2006, we played Arizona State in a holiday tournament.  I had an XM receiver which carried major conference sports, but generally never touched the mid-majors. I was able to listen to the game in my car while driving home for Christmas. I thought it was the greatest, even though it was the home team network butchering our players' names.  Now the home team radio every game comes though my phone.  I can listen through headphones or plug into my car speakers.  Better, most of our games so far have been available on espn3, i can pick them up in HD on my iPad. 
Dorp E-dorking

The Saturday morning Stetson tilt found me at the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Weather was 75, beer was Medella light, and we were able to pick up our second win of the year.

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