Monday, December 23, 2013

Daily Dribbles- 12/23/13

--Check out the Scanning the SoCon Midseason Awards if you missed it. Tonight, the questions will
be answered from everyone, including why they voted the way they did for Player of the Year and who they think will play in the SoCon Championship Game.

--Last week was downright respectable for the SoCon. There were: 1) no losses to non-D1 teams. 2) no true blowout losses- every game was a game in the second half. 3) a 7-10 record against D-1 teams. If the SoCon had played like that all year, they would probably have an RPI closer to 20 than to their 30 that they currently sit at (out of 32 conferences). Big South is 29th. The SoCon's are closing quickly on them.

--One of the respectable losses this weekend was from UNCG against Wake Forest. Dash has his thoughts here.

--No games until Saturday for the SoCon. But have no fear. I'll have Daily Dribbles up every day and hopefully some pretty good articles up in the mean time. Hope everyone checks in daily.

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