Monday, December 2, 2013

Georgia 87, Mocs 56

Ummm....that hurt a bit.

The Mocs were expected to be able to contend in this game, but they were not competitive.

Is it related to the fact that they just got back from the West Coast and then was trying to play a game just three days later? Maybe. That can be tough, especially on a team like the Mocs that do not make trips like that normally.

That being said, the Mocs did not really compete on Monday night. This was a bad night. Z Mason went 1 for 9. Greg Pryor went 0 for 6 and Casey Jones went 0 for 3. That gave them a total of 1 of 18 from three of their five starters. Lance Stokes and Gee McGhee combined for 16 points. Martynas Bareika and Eric Robertson combined to go 6 for 10 from three point range and are the only two Mocs to score in double digits with 27 points between them.

The Mocs shot under 30% from the floor on the night. They shot only 18% in the first half. When you shoot that poorly, it is going to be very difficult to win basketball games against teams from major conferences, or, honestly, any conference. Georgia shot 59% in the first half. That's why the Mocs were down 30 at the half and not really in the game.

The Mocs again struggled to control the Bulldogs offense. The Bulldogs did not make a lot of threes. They only committed ten turnovers. The Mocs need to force more turnovers than that if they are going to be competitive in games. They got away with it against IUPUI and may be able to get away with it against teams like Northern Kentucky or SoCon schools, but they are not going to get away with it against UAB or major conference schools.

The Mocs confidence has to be rattled a bit after this one and they have eight days until they get to play again. They play Hiwassee at home on December 10 and then don't play another a D1 opponent until Sunday, December 15 when they play Northern Kentucky on the road.

The Mocs will need to tighten up a few things. Personally, I think these next thirteen days will see the greatest improvement of the year from the Mocs because of the ability to get back to the drawing board and practice the things that have been needing to get tightened up. They haven't been able to spend a lot of time working on it because of the tight schedule. But they will be able to now. We should see a much better team on December 15.


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