Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wofford 78, Mocs 58

OK- I had serious internet connection problems last night. About halfway through the first half, my internet died, and I spend the next couple of hours working out the problem (with the help of the staff of my internet service provider). Lots of fun.

But it was obvious at the beginning, though, that the Mocs were not playing well. Karl Cochran was exploding, and he wound up with thirty points. We said in the pregame that Wofford was the worst shooting team in the SoCon, and the Mocs were the worst defensive shooting team in the league, and the key would be which team performed better in that area.

Well, the clear winner in that regard was Wofford, who had one of their best shooting nights of the year. They shot well over 50%. So, even though the Mocs rebounded well, they did not force Wofford into a lot of turnovers, and they did not stop the Terriers from shooting the ball well. That will get you beat.

Z Mason had a huge game, ending up with 24 points and six rebounds, and Gee McGhee wound up with 13. This is further proof that the Mocs have developed two relatively consistent scorers. Both of those guys are going to get their points in a game. This is why I really think both could be first team All SoCon next year, and why I think next year could be good for the Mocs.

As for right now, they missed a golden opportunity to gain ground on Western Carolina in the bye race, who lost to Elon. The Mocs basically need to win out to get the fourth bye. A 3-1 record would get them to 9-9 in SoCon play, which probably leaves them out of luck, but you never know. We'll have to wait and see.

The Mocs need to play well at home next week to re-establish their good play. If they can follow that up with a solid performance in the two road games against Western Carolina and Appalachian State, there will be reason for hope in March.

We'll see. Disappointing night. Very disappointing. Probably good I missed it in the end.


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