Sunday, February 3, 2013

Game of the Week Change Announcement

Last year, when picking the SoCon Monster Game of the Week, I picked the game that I thought was the biggest game of each week.

This year, the SoCon Monster Game of the Week has been picked by the Scanning the SoCon vote. That has been fun, but has created a situation where a lot of Davidson games have been picked. I have decided to make a change to the way the game is chosen over the following month.

The team that wins the previous SoCon Monster Game of the Week will have their representative from Scanning the SoCon pick the following week's game. That game will get the special treatment (the preview, the two point game in the SoCon Pick 'em, etc).

Last week, the SoCon Monster Game of the Week was Samford at Davidson. Davidson won. That means the Scanning the SoCon Davidson rep will pick the game for this week. He will not be able to pick a Davidson game, since he represents the team.

So there we go....

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