Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Daily Dribbles- 2/13/13

--Trey Sumler won the SoCon Player of the Week. Deservedly so. Not only did he average 19.7 points per game and have 6.7 rebounds per game, but he hit the game winning shot with time running down against Wofford on Monday night. I know Sumler has his warts (a lot of shots to score his points at times), but he is one of the most exciting players in the SoCon.

--Wofford's loss to Western Carolina is summed up here by Purple & Gold. Always entertaining.

--OK- I normally don't mention threads on message boards, but these two are too good to pass up. Over at Yosef's Cabin there is this thread and this thread. Both discuss the possibility of Appalachian State dropping men's basketball and playing hockey. As you can see from the rebuttals from almost the entire rest of the board, there are many problems with this. But I was having too much fun reading it not to share it with everyone.

--The normal good work by Yosef's Cabin talking about all App State (no Appy, no ASU here) sports, including the ups and downs of this basketball team.

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