Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Battle of North vs. South- 2/27/13

Wednesday Scores

Davidson (S) 69
Elon (N) 63

Georgia Southern (S) 66
UNCG (N) 60

at North
North- 12
South- 12

at South
North- 13
South- 11

North- 25
South- 23


The North beat the South this year, but the South really narrowed the gap at the end. The South is making up a ton of ground on the North here at the end. The question is if they will be able to win the Battle of North vs. South: Tournament Edition. We'll see. This should be an interesting finish to the year. College of Charleston and Davidson went 15-1 against the North, and the rest of the South went 8-24 against the North. That is how the North won this battle.

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