Saturday, February 2, 2013

Battle of North vs. South- 2/2/13

Saturday Scores

UNCG (N) 59
College of Charleston (S) 81

Chattanooga (N) 57
Georgia Southern (S) 59

at North
South- 6

at South
North- 8
South- 6

North- 14
South- 12


It happened. The South won four games this week and trimmed the lead to 14-12 overall. With twelve games between the North and South this week, this is the week that will shape the story for the remainder of the year. I have no idea how many either team will win. This week is going to be very interesting. If the North wins eleven of twelve, they will win the season series. If the South wins all twelve games, they will be able to be able get to an even split in the season series, which means the South will retain the title. Eight of the twelve games are at the South team.

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  1. My guess is that the South takes 7 games this week, leaving us at 19-19.