Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Casey Jones- How Does He Fit In?

Casey Jones should be back on the floor on Thursday night when the Mocs host the Furman Paladins. Jones had been starting before his injury and now is coming back.

Where does he fit into the picture?

The deal is that he (according to Uchiyama on Twitter on Monday evening) Jones is not in particularly good shape at this point. That's fine. He doesn't need to be.

At this point, the Mocs have worked out a rotation of sorts, and I'm very curious where he fits in. Rico White, Gee McGhee, Lance Stokes and Martynas Bareika have been splitting minutes at the three spot. White, McGhee, and Stokes are the starters at the moment, and truthfully it is hard to believe that any of those guys are going to be dropped out of their starting spots for Jones.

However, I do think that Jones can be a contributor. I hate to think that he is going to take Bareika's minutes, because he has been solid, particularly offensively. That being said, Jones had several flashes of athletic prowess. So I'd like to see him continue to develop.

Initially, he should probably play between five and ten minutes taking some minutes from all of the guys playing the three spot. Then, after he works his conditioning back up, he will either earn his way back into the lineup or he won't. It doesn't really matter right now. All that matters is winning as much as they can.

I'm looking forward to seeing Casey Jones in action again. We'll see if he can make the same jump that Gee McGhee has made in the last month plus.


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