Thursday, February 7, 2013

Battle of North vs. South

Thursday Scores

Appalachian State (N) 91
Georgia Southern (S) 86 OT

UNCG (N) 88
Furman (S) 65

The Citadel (S) 76
Chattanooga (N) 89

Western Carolina (N) 59
Davidson (S) 73

Elon (N) 50
Wofford (S) 60

College of Charleston (S) 69
Samford (N) 65

at North
North- 7
South- 7

at South
North- 10
South- 8

North- 17
South- 15


The games on Thursday were played four at the South and two at the North. The two divisions split the games 3-3. That was important for the North to win the Battle of North vs. South. On Saturday, there will be four games played at the South again. If the South wins 4-2 on Saturday, then it will be tied at 19. After Saturday, the North will have eight home games remaining. The South will have just two home games remaining. If the North can go 3-3 on Saturday, then the North would be up two games with eight at home and only two on the road remaining. Things would look good for the North then. Even a tie score would be an advantage to the North.

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