Saturday, February 9, 2013

Battle of North vs. South- 2/9/13

Saturday Scores

Elon (N) 64
Furman (S) 60

College of Charleston (S) 71
Chattanooga (N) 68

UNCG (N) 50
Wofford (S) 59

Western Carolina (N) 71
Georgia Southern (S) 62

Appalachian State (N) 52
Davidson (S) 87

The Citadel (S) 67
Samford (N) 79

at North
North- 8
South- 8

at South
North- 12
South- 10

North- 20
South- 18


The North went 3-3 on Saturday. In other words, they survived this week at 6-6, and now have eight of the last ten games between the two divisions at home. They just need to go 5-5 in the last ten games. In other words, the North is in the best shape they could be heading into the last few weeks of this year. It would be hard for them to be in much better shape. With six games between the two divisions this week, including three games involving Wofford and three involving Furman, who are fourth and fifth in the South right now. If the North goes 5-1, they will lock up the battle. If the South goes 6-0, they would lock up 24 wins, which would be enough for them to retain the title of better division since they won it last year.

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