Saturday, February 2, 2013

Georgia Southern 59, Mocs 57

Ouch. This one would have helped the Mocs dramatically. Coming back from 21 down, the Mocs took the lead late in the game, only to see Eric Ferguson drain a long three to give the Eagles back the lead. Gee McGhee couldn't sink a three, and Z Mason stole an inbounds pass, but couldn't get a shot up before the game ended.


The Mocs comeback was tremendous though. This was a very interesting game for the Mocs.

Three Mocs players played over 30 minutes (Lance Stokes, Z Mason, and Gee McGhee). Drazen Zlovaric played 29 minutes. Rico White played 23 minutes, turning the ball over three times. Farad Cobb played seventeen minutes without turning the ball over. The Mocs as a team turned the ball over just nine times- which was an incredibly low total.

The Mocs drew a lot of fouls in this one. McGhee went to the line fifteen times and made twelve of them. This continues to show why I believe that McGhee will be a very good player as he continues to develop. He already is one of the better players on the team, and could turn into one of the SoCon's better players in the coming years.

Z Mason scored 14 points and had seven rebounds. Mason is so much fun to watch. Drazen Zlovaric had his best game of the season. He got the ball a couple of times further away from the basket and made some nice moves. He scored ten points and got ten rebounds, including four offensive rebounds.

The Eagles offensive production has been known for being inconsistent all season. They will go through long stretches where they don't score. That's why when they were ahead 50-31 with 15 minutes left, it was not time to overreact yet.

The Eagles went on to not score for a very long stretch. The Mocs got back into the game during that stretch, drawing a lot of fouls and getting to the line and making free throws. When McGhee made the two free throws with under a minute left, I really thought the Mocs were going to win.

The Mocs held Eric Ferguson to just 16 points, though CJ Reed scored 19 points. Reed was very good. He came up with five assists and just one turnover. Reed shot 50% from the floor and from three point range as well. He certainly went off in some ways, but not the way so many have against the Mocs in the past. Cleon Roberts (who I thought would have a big game) only scored six points, and made 2 of 11 from the floor. The Mocs did a good job on Roberts. Ferguson's late three not withstanding, the Mocs were decent against him as well.

The Mocs are just two games out of the final bye spot right now. They get six of their next seven games at home. There is a real chance to get back into the race for the bye if they can win big over the coming weeks at home. Really looking forward to the Mocs game on Thursday night at home against The Citadel. It's a huge moment for this year's team.


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    Casey Houser said...

    The resident bucket boy about to tell you how bad of a coach CY is, while telling you we have the most talent in the Socon. We don't have anywhere near close to the most talent in the league. If Hewitt, Brown, and Pernell were eligible, we would be close.