Saturday, February 16, 2013

Battle of North vs. South- 2/16/13

Saturday Scores

Samford (N) 64
Furman (S) 53

Chattanooga (N) 58
Wofford (S) 78

at North
North- 12
South- 8

at South
North- 13
South- 11

North- 25
South- 19


The North has officially beaten the South. It's over. The North is up by six games with just four games left, and there is no way for the South to catch them. Few people expected the North to win in the preseason, but they pulled it off. It has been surprising. So surprising, that the North is heavily favored in the SoCon Tournament to send at least two teams to the semifinals opposite College of Charleston and Davidson. The quarterfinals are probably favored to have six teams from the North and two teams from the South. We'll see if this holds up.

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