Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SoCon Sunday Previews

A daily preview of each SoCon game.

Sunday Thought

Chattanooga's trip to UNCG matters to both the Mocs and Spartans. The Mocs are fighting it out for the second seed, while the Spartans are in a desperate battle for the six seed. This game is critical to both teams as they strive to reach their highest potential seed heading to Asheville. This game obviously matters to each team fighting with one of these for the seed.

Chattanooga at UNCG

This one should be very entertaining. Is this the time that the Spartans can beat a top level SoCon team? Or is this the time that the Spartans fall short yet again? The Spartans played the Mocs relatively close the first time in Chattanooga. Kayel Locke, Kyle Cain and RJ White provide a real challenge to the Mocs in the paint. Z Mason and Casey Jones will definitely have their hands full. Tevon Saddler played very well for the Spartans in the first game. He is a very good point guard. Jones was the Mocs star the first time around. The question really is how the Mocs respond to another road test. They started 4-0 on the road in SoCon play, but have lost two straight road games heading into this one. I have on idea who wins this one. It will be a war down util the very end. How many times can I pick the Spartans? Doesn't seem to matter how many times I get burned, I keep on going back for more. Spartans 69, Mocs 67.

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