Friday, February 21, 2014

Daily Dribbles- 2/21/14

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--The race for second and third really got interesting. Chattanooga, Elon and Wofford are all tied for second. Western Carolina is one game back and has clinched the final bye. Chattanooga has two road games coming up. So does Wofford. Wofford's are tougher, going to Davidson and Elon, while the Mocs go to UNCG and Western Carolina. Elon hosts Wofford and Davidson. Western Carolina hosts Chattanooga next Thursday in a key game. Very interesting time for these clubs fighting for those spots.

--Purple & Gold recap of the win in Boone.

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  1. I see Wofford going 1-1 (win over Elon) while Chattanooga goes either 1-1 or maybe 0-2. I don't see the Mocs wining in Ramsey, and UNCG is due for a big game. Elon goes 0-2 for sure.