Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daily Dribbles- 2/18/14

--Monday review here

--The race for the two or three seed is down to this for Chattanooga. The Mocs need to go just 2-2 in their final four games to get a two or three seed. If they go 2-2, the Mocs would have four losses. If Western Carolina wins out, they would have four SoCon losses. Wofford and Elon play each other, and one of those teams would have four losses. The Mocs own the tiebreaker over any of those teams, including three team tiebreakers. Both Wofford and Elon play Davidson still. If the Terriers and Phoenix both lost to Davidson, the Mocs would need just 2-2 to clinch the two seed. Any tiebreaker involving those four teams favors the Mocs. If Davidson gets involved, it's another story, but even then, the Mocs never finish below any of the other bye teams in the tiebreaker.

--Elon and Wofford will determine who would win a tiebreaker between the two of them with their one game showdown on February 27. The advantage for Elon over Western Carolina is their win over Davidson. That provides a huge tiebreaker advantage to the Phoenix over Western Carolina, who they split with. Wofford also beat Western Carolina head to head, so they hold the advantage on the Catamounts.

--So, in a nutshell, Chattanooga holds the tiebreaker advantage over any team in any situation. Western Carolina does not individual tiebreakers with any of the three teams, but could get into a three team tiebreaker where they hold an edge (if Wofford beats Elon, and the Catamounts tie with Elon and Chattanooga, they would have the edge on Elon, but not Chattanooga). Elon and Wofford decide their tiebreaker on Thursday, February 27 at Elon.

--Here are the tiebreaker procedures. They seem outdated, but I am assuming they are correct, and that after the tie is broken in a three team tiebreaker, they don't simply take the top team out of the mix and then move into two team tiebreaker procedures. If these are not updated and something is different, then I have wasted all of your time, and I apologize.

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