Monday, February 10, 2014

Mocs Important Time

The Mocs are unlikely to get the SoCon regular season championship. They trail Davidson by one game and do not own the tiebreaker. Davidson is unlikely to lose more than one more SoCon game at this point, so if the Mocs won out, they would probably not be able to pass Davidson.

The Mocs are up by four games on Samford, who is the sixth seed at the moment. With just five games left, the Mocs are in very good position to earn a bye, though it is not impossible that they would not get the bye.

But that does not mean that this time is not critical for the Mocs. The difference between the two and three seed is minimal. There is not much difference between the six and seven seed, although the six seed will be in a position to play The Citadel in the first round, which is almost the same as having a bye.

There is also no difference between the four and the five seed- literally. The two teams will match-up in the quarterfinal regardless of who finishes ahead of who.

But the difference between the three and four seed is massive.

To begin the discussion, it seems pretty clear that there are five teams above the other teams in the SoCon. Georgia Southern, Samford, UNCG and Appalachian State are all capable teams, but it seems (with the schedule and everything taken into account) that the top five seeds are reasonably safe. Davidson, Chattanooga, Wofford, Western Carolina and Elon are probably going to earn the bye.

If a team is the four or five seed, that means that they will have to play one of those teams in the quarterfinals, then probably Davidson in the second game, before likely the two or three seed in the third game. On the other hand, assuming no upsets, the most any other team would have to play is two of these top five teams.

Of course there will be upsets, but why would you want to put yourself in such a position to start the tournament against a top five team and put yourself into such a tough position?

The Mocs have two SoCon losses so far and own the tiebreaker over Wofford and Elon, since they have gone 3-0 against those two teams and do not have a game left against them, they have the advantage.The Terriers and Phoenix each have three SoCon losses. That means the Mocs have a virtual two game lead on them. The Mocs are up on Western Carolina by one loss as well, and have two games remaining against them.

The Mocs certainly have some difficult games ahead. They could easily lose any of these games. That being said, the Mocs need to go at least 4-2 to ensure themselves the two or three seed. With the Mocs recent play, that is anything but certain.

This is the critical time for the Mocs. The pressure is starting to mount on the Mocs. The time is now to get back to winning.


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