Friday, December 31, 2010

December: A Month of Ups- A Month of Downs

This is so tough to figure out. What do you make of a month that saw the Mocs go 5-2?

They lost their two toughest out of conference games, to Georgia State and Murray State, both at home. In both games, they fell way behind, and came charging back, only to come up just a little bit short.

They won their two games against non-D1 teams in convincing fashion, just like they were supposed to.

And they won all three of their conference games to get into first place in the SoCon North in commanding fashion. They are up by a game and a half in the division, and have already beaten three teams in division play, including a road game against Elon.

So what do we make of this month?

All in all, if you could have picked five games for the Mocs to win this month, they won the five most important ones. They couldn't lose to Reinhardt or Montreat. And they beat the three teams in the SoCon, and that is the most important thing come the first weekend in March.

But the problem is that the losses to Murray State and Georgia State reveal some flaws with the team that have to be major concerns. They don't come out fast often enough, and against teams with as much length as them, they struggle.

However, at the beginning of the month, I predicted they would go 5-2. That was considered a positive pick at the time. In the end, they did just that. They got to 5-2. If they had not lost to Georgia State last night, then the feeling would be much more positive about the Mocs tonight. But last night's loss was disheartening. In the end, this month the Mocs earn a solid B. They could have earned an A- with a win last night. But they didn't do it. So in the end, December earns a solid B, and the Mocs have probably earned a C+ to date. It would be a C- if the Mocs were 1-2 in conference play and 7-7. At 3-0, they earn an above average grade.


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