Monday, January 20, 2014

SoCon Monday- 1/20/14

Wofford 71, Western Carolina 60

Key Stat: Catamounts 31.7% from the floor. The Catamounts shots 20 of 63 shooting did them in. They don't have a huge player, and Tawaski King shot 0 of 8 from the floor. Trey Sumler was 7 of 14 and James Sinclair was 4 of 9. That means that the rest of the team shot 22.5% from the floor. You simply can't shoot like that on the road and expect to win.

Player of the Game: Karl Cochran. Cochran made 9 of 18 shots and scored 23 points. He was 3 of 4 from three point range. He also came up with five rebounds and five assists. Cochran simply was on fire. When Cochran is shooting well, the Terriers are incredibly difficult to beat.

What It All Means: Western Carolina lost their first SoCon game of the year. This is not deadly for the Catamounts. They knew they were going to lose in SoCon play eventually. This game does not present any major concenrs. They were down 18 points and came back to trim to three before falling. The Catamounts play Davidson at home on Thursday. That will be a huge one regardless. The Terriers really needed this one. They had already lost three SoCon games. They could not afford another loss. This loss would have been severely damaging to their SoCon chances and their bye chances. Now the Terriers are hanging around the bye race, and may have a chance to get back into the SoCon race overall. This game was absolutely critical to the Terriers. They go to Georgia Southern on Thursday. If the Terriers win that game, they will be right in the thick of the bye race.

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