Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Daily Dribbles- 1/7/14

--Here's a recap of Monday night's games.

--PJ Horgan came back for The Citadel on Monday night against Chattanooga. He played fifteen minutes. He was supposed to be done with basketball, but decided to return after all. We'll see what kind of difference he makes as the season progresses.

--Which game is most interesting Thursday? Probably UNCG's trip to Appalachian State, now that the Mountaineers have Jay Canty. Samford's trip to Chattanooga should be competitive too, though, and Davidson's trip to Furman could be intriguing.

--Z Mason's 30 point game on Monday night was most remarkable because he only scored 4 and looked out of it in the first half for Chattanooga against The Citadel. He also collected 14 rebounds...and eleven of them were on the offensive end.

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