Friday, January 17, 2014

Daily Dribbles- 1/17/14

--Thursday recaps here.

--Saturday previews here.

--They may be playing some bad basketball in the SoCon. But that doesn't mean they aren't playing some close games. Three out of four SoCon games went to overtime on Thursday night. The only exception was Chattanooga-Appalachian State. That is now 8 out of 22 games decided by one possession or in overtime. That, according to Pomeroy, is good for the third best percentage of games of any conference in the country.

--So I was wrong about Davidson-Elon. I'll admit it. I really thought the moment would be too big for Elon to handle. I was wrong. So where do we stand on Davidson? I don't know. I don't think we can say they are the SoCon's best team at this point. The UNCG game on the road on Saturday will go a long way in how I think we should be judging the Wildcats at this point. They are far from done, but this is a chink in the armour. Where do we stand on Elon? We have to throw them back into the mix of the best teams in the SoCon. My thought was that they were slipping from that position, but I think I have to back off of that.

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