Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Elon Preview: Let's Get 5K!

I already previewed the game here. So I don't know what else to do preview-wise.

So, on that happy note, I'll simply tell everyone. Get out. Find your friends. Find your friends friends. Find your friends friends friends. It's time to get as many people as possible inside McKenzie Arena on Thursday night.

Over the last few years, Coach John Shulman's teams have not garnered a lot of excitement. The Mocs have been up and down, and down more times than not. They underachieved. Just when people would find something to get excited about, it would go away. Just like that. Keep in mind, while Coach Shulman got a lot of credit as a good tournament coach, his teams went just 1-4 in the SoCon Tournament in his final four years.

There was very little to get excited about for the city of Chattanooga. Right or wrong, there was not much energy.

When Shulman left following last year, there was a renewed sense of excitement. When Will Wade was named head coach, there was a moment of excitement. That carried over early in the year. When the Mocs lost to Kennesaw State, there was still excitement, but it was a fading excitement. When the Mocs came home for the Dr Pepper Classic at 1-8 against D1 competition, the energy was almost gone from the city again. There was hope for the future, but a realization that it was going to take time.

Then the Mocs won the Dr Pepper Classic and that wasn't a ton to get excited about on its own. But when the Mocs then went on the road and won two SoCon games, the excitement started to build. When they came home and won two more, the excitement continued building. After the Mocs won two more road games last weekend, the excitement is starting to reach a fever pitch. Now, the Mocs come home and host Elon. Will the Mocs be able to keep the momentum? This is a huge night for the Mocs. It's a chance to win back the city. It's a chance to win over any fans that haven't already been won over.

It's a chance.

Let's fill up McKenzie. Let's get over 5000 in the old Roundhouse. Let's relive the good old days again. Let's beat Elon.


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