Sunday, January 19, 2014

Scanning the SoCon- Week Twelve

Each week, bloggers from around the SoCon gather together to give their views on the conference  and the goings on around the league. This is the third year we’ve been doing Scanning the SoCon. Hopefully, it is the best year yet.


Western Carolina at Wofford (CSS)

Appalachian State at The Citadel
Elon at Chattanooga
Davidson at Western Carolina
Wofford at Georgia Southern (WSAV-TV)
UNCG at Samford (ESPN3)

Wofford at Furman
Western Carolina at The Citadel
Georgia Southern at Davidson
Elon at Samford
UNCG at Chattanooga (ESPN3)

1)      Elon 69.5 (1.5)
2)      Western Carolina 68 (3)
3)      Davidson 64.5 (1.5)
4)      Chattanooga 64
5)      UNCG 49
6)      Georgia Southern 39
7)      Wofford 36
8)      Samford 27
9)      Appalachian State 22
10)  Furman 16
11)  The Citadel 7


DeMon Brooks, Davidson- 3 votes.

Others Receiving Votes: Z Mason, Chattanooga (2.5 votes), Nick Paulos, UNCG (1), Kendrec Ferrara (.5)


Elon at Chattanooga- 4 votes

Others Receiving Votes: Davidson at Western Carolina (3 votes)


Sum up your team.

Appalachian State- It got worse and worse but there's now a ray of sunshine. The Apps lost and lost and lost, They lost here, they lost there, they lost everywhere. Being one of the six teams out of all 351 D1 teams without a D1 win was embarassing. There were good moments, but uner Capel there's always been good moments. There's talent on this team, but it's not a team. Both UNCG and UTC got rare wins in Boone and the Apps fell on the road at Elon and Davidson in games that saw the home team make runs to put it away in the second half. However this past Saturday the Apps got that elusive win, beating Georgia Southern rather thoroughly. It was momentous in that usual starters Tevin Baskins (being terrible) and Jay Canty (hand injury) didn't play. True freshman Ty Toney and Mike Kobani got in the game and looked good albeit raw. At this point, most App fans will take raw over experience seeing how that's played out so far. No we'll see if Capel learns and adjusts the rotation once everyone is healthy. A bye isn't out of the question as this league is really bad at the bottom. It's Dayton or Bust for Capel.

Furman- The Paladins are really starting to play well as a team under first-year head coach Niko Medved, and the two losses on the road at Samford and Georgia Southern certainly did hurt, and the Paladins might be 3-3 in SoCon play right now instead of 1-5. But give Georgia Southern and Samford credit for making the plays when they had to in those games. When Chuck Reddick steps up to support Stephen Croone in the backcourt, this team could be dangerous come March and one teams want to avoid in the SoCon Tournament, especially if Kendrec Ferrara continues to produce in the post, as well as Adonis Rwabigwi. Overall, I think Furman is on the right track and have already equaled last season's win total with the victory over The Citadel.
Western Carolina- The Cats only played one game in week 11, and the same for week 12. Having 7 days between games is not good (for two straight weeks) unless the team has injuries, and needs time to recuperate. I think that the long periods between games may have hurt the Catamounts edge and offense coming into last week's Georgia Southern game, and Saturday's Samford game. Both games we close, with the Cats taking the win in the last minute of the game. This coming week, the Cats have three games, Monday, Thursday, Saturday. Who does this scheduling?

Who is the best point guard in the SoCon?

Appalachian State- Trey Sumler. He can put the team on his back, dribbles well and has been in Cullowhee for what feels like a decade.

Furman- Stephen Croone of Furman.

Western Carolina- In my opinion, it would be Trey Sumler.

Who is the most overrated coach in the SoCon?

Appalachian State- Hard to say since there’s a bunch of new coaches. The John Shulman Memorial Award goes to Wes Miller from UNCG. Yes, he took over as interim two years ago and won the North Division, but with as much talent as UNCG has, he hasn’t done much with it.

Furman- Mike Young of Wofford.

Western Carolina- Again, in my opinion only, it’s Elon Matt Matheny. Not taking anything away from Matheny, he is a good coach, but I think that since he came out of the Davidson program, he gets too much comparison as the second coming of Bob McKillop. I’m not unhappy that he’s going to the CAA. I did say he’s a good coach, and Eon spends lots of money on their basketball program.

Your team is down two. There is ten seconds left in the game. Do you want your team to shoot a two or a three? Who do you want to take the shot on your team?

Appalachian State- Show like you’re going to shoot three, then pass to a forward going down the lane who gets the high percentage shot and perhaps the foul if the defense doesn’t rotate. Have Burgess handle the ball and hit Canty going down the lane.

Furman- I put the ball in the hands of Stephen Croone and let him drive to the basket and try and tie the game, or if I am going for the win, I let William Gates or Larry Wideman take the shot.

Georgia Southern- I've always felt that if you are down 2 then you try for the 2, but if the defense collapses on the drive and leaves you with an open 3 on the kickout then you take it. I can't stand it when a team is down 2 and plays completely behind the 3 point line. As for who, I want the ball in Jelani Hewitt's hands if it's GSU. Spread the floor and let him try and get to the basket.

Western Carolina- Trey Sumler and whichever shot is open for him, a two or a three pointer. Sumler thrives under this kind of pressure, and will usually make that kind of shot.

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