Monday, November 25, 2013

Daily Dribbles- 11/25/13

--It was a bit of a lost weekend for Davidson. After the win over Georgia on Thursday, Davidson lost to Clemson by 31 and New Mexico by 21. Actually, the 21 point loss in Charleston was not all that bad. After all, the Lobos are ranked in the Top 20, so losing to them isn't too bad. But the Wildcats also got the worst piece of news. De'Mon Brooks was injured and is out for an undisclosed amount of time. With Jake Belford also out, the Wildcats are woefully small on the inside right now. Davidson is really undermanned right now. This is the time to catch them. Too bad for the rest of the SoCon  that they aren't playing conference games right now.

--Metro State-Elon is one tough game. The Phoenix are playing a non-D1, but Metro State is the top team in DII, and not going to be easy for the Phoenix. In fact, one could argue that Metro State is the favorite. The SoCon's chances of not losing a game to a non-D1 this year might end today.

--Who's ready for some early SoCon action? UNCG-Louisiana Tech play in the Gulf Coast Showcase. The tounament favorite is probably the Bulldogs, but maybe UNCG can pull the upset. The Spartans have a real shot to go 2-1 in the Gulf Coast Showcase. This will tell us a ton about the Spartans.

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  1. La Tech was/is very good. They found out where the woodshed was and then escorted UNCG behind it.