Saturday, January 8, 2011

SoCon Power Rankings

These are my power rankings for the SoCon through Saturday's games:

1) College of Charleston
2) Furman
3) Wofford
4) Chattanooga
5) Appalachian State
6) Western Carolina
7) Davidson
8) Samford
9) The Citadel
12)Georgia Southern

CofC is the run away number one choice. They have beaten the number two and three teams on this list already- both on the road. They may legitimately go undefeated in the SoCon schedule.

Furman and Wofford are virtually dead even at number two.

Chattanooga has beaten Appalachian State and Western Carolina. That is why they are ahead of those two teams.

Both Appalachian State and Western Carolina have beaten Davidson.

Samford did beat Western Carolina, but their loss to Elon today has to send them plummeting to some degree.

The Citadel is starting to look uncompetitive. They could easily fall behind Elon and UNCG in the coming weeks.

Georgia Southern is the worst team in the conference...and I don't think it's even close at this point. They may legitimately go winless in conference play, but may be able to take out Elon, UNCG, or The Citadel. Hard to see them beating anyone else, though it may happen.


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