Sunday, January 16, 2011

Definition Week Is Here

Everyone around the SoCon has similar questions about the Mocs- are all these close wins a sign that the Mocs aren't really all that good, or is it a sign that the Mocs are just good at knowing how to win close games and playing up and down to their competition?

It's a tough sell. It's really hard to know for sure which way this goes. The general consensus is that the Mocs are not quite as good as their record would indicate. Good enough to finish second in the North Division...probably. That is the general feeling.

Then again, the general feeling seems to be that the four best teams in the conference are in the South Division, even though the North has beaten the accepted fourth best team in the South twice already. (Appalachian State and Western Carolina both beating Davidson). There even has been the idea that the second place team may not finish with a better record than the fifth best team in the South, if you go around to various message boards.

For the conference, this is a real defining week. The North leads the South 5-4 right now on the floor. The North and South are playing each other an incredible fourteen times this week. This week will go a long way to determinging which division is the better one- and just how good the North Division is compared to the South Division.

But for the Mocs, this is really definition week. This week, the Mocs play the top three teams from the South. On Monday, they host College of Charleston on Monday night. Then on Thursday, they head to Wofford. On Saturday, they go on the road to battle Furman.

Where do the Mocs stand? What does their 6-0 start mean? We'll know a lot more this week. Are they going to lose all three of those games by twenty points? If so, the Mocs aren't quite as good as we might be thinking. If they win all three games, the Mocs are better than we ever imagined.

This week tells everyone exactly where the Mocs stand. It will tell us all what the Mocs should expect as we move forward. It will tell us just how good the Mocs are.

If the Mocs can win a game or two, they will be clearly the team that everyone expects to get a bye in the North Division, and probably win the whole division. The Mocs can get there without winning any games- but it sure would make everyone around the program feel better if the Mocs come up with at least one game this week.


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