Sunday, March 3, 2013

SoCon Tournament Pick 'Em

We all fill out a bracket for the NCAA Tournament.

Now is your chance to fill out the bracket for the SoCon Tournament.

We did this last year, and I think it was a lot of fun. We also had the SoCon Pick 'Em during the regular season, which was tremendous and fun.

So it's back for another year. It costs nothing to play, and we play for nothing but pride. But still, it's a heck of a contest.

Here's the bracket.

Pick each game, start to finish of the tournament. For example, if you pick Furman to beat Samford, then you need to pick the Furman-Appalachian State game.

The points are awarded like this. You can earn the seed number for each team you correctly pick. So if you pick Furman and they win against Samford, you would earn 12 points. Here are the points per team.

Davidson- 1 point
Elon- 2 points
College of Charleston- 3 points
Appalachian State- 4 points
Samford- 5 points
Western Carolina- 6 points
Chattanooga- 7 points
Wofford- 8 points
Georgia Southern- 9 points
UNCG- 10 points
The Citadel- 11 points
Furman- 12 points

This rewards you even more for picking upsets correctly, and encourages you to take more risks in the bracket.

I need everyone's picks by Thursday evening at 10:00 PM Eastern for the entire tournament. You can e-mail your picks to me at or post it in the comments section.

Good luck!


  1. Game #1 - Wofford
    Game #2 - Samford
    Game #3 - Chattanooga
    Game #4 - Western
    Game #5 - Davidson
    Game #6 - Samford
    Game #7 - Elon
    Game #8 - Western
    Game #9 - Davidson
    Game #10 - Western Carolina
    Game #11 - Davidson (this one, I'd be happy to be wrong)

  2. 1. GA Southern
    2. Samford
    3. UNCG
    4. WCU
    5. Davidson
    6. Samford
    7. Elon
    8. WCU
    9. Davidson
    10. Elon
    11. Elon