Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shulman Out

So Coach John Shulman is out. By now, you've heard the news. Shulman is gone.

I've always liked him personally. He's a good man and fun to listen to in the pregame and postgame interviews. He's a nice guy, and I wish him nothing but the best.

That being said, it probably was time for him to go. The Mocs were a game under .500 during Shulman's time here. Of course, the Mocs did go to two NCAA Tournaments in his time in Chattanooga, so that was a positive.

But the entire program was losing momentum. Attendance was down. Apathy was setting in among the fan base. That, more than anything else, was the reason for the change.

I am sad today about the loss of Shulman. I am always sad when a coaching change is made, because I truly hate to see coaches go away.

That being said, the Mocs have talent on the roster. Z Mason and Gee McGhee will be two of the better players in the SoCon next year. The facilities are very good. The fan base is dying for a winner, and very willing to come out and support them. So the next coach will be in a decent situation. There are plenty of positives in Chattanooga that a coach will have at their disposal.

It's a sad day. But it's also an exciting day to be a Moc. The future is here for the Mocs. We'll see where it leads from here.

The first move is to hire a new AD. That will take a little while. The new AD then will hire a new basketball coach. In the mean time, Casey Long has been promoted to interim coach. There will be periodic updates in here.

We're getting ready for an exciting new chapter of Mocs basketball!


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  1. I don't quite understand why John Shulman wasn't willing to complete his final season on his contract. IMO the Mocs made progress this season, and next season might have been good enough to get him that contract extension, we'll never know now.

    I do wish both John Shulman well, and certainly hope he lands on his feet somewhere that he wants to be. Good Luck to the Mocs in their search for a new coach.