Sunday, November 16, 2014

Daily Wrap: November 16


Wisconsin 89, Chattanooga 45
Seton Hall 63, Mercer 47
Pittsburgh 63, Samford 56

So, What Happened?

Quite simply, the SoCon was beaten by three better teams on Sunday afternoon. It's not too surprising. These teams were all favored to win. While Mercer was not blown out, they never made a major run at Seton Hall in the second half. Chattanooga had no answer to Wisconsin's hot shooting. Samford was down just five with five minutes left.

The SoCon has still not won a game against a D1 out of conference opponent. Like I've been saying it is still not time to panic about that. After all, the best chance to win for SoCon teams doesn't come until Tuesday and Wednesday. So, try to remain calm about the SoCon. This thing can still start to run around, we just aren't there yet.

Game of the Day- Pittsburgh 63, Samford 56

The Bulldogs came up with thirteen offensive rebounds and the Panthers only came up with seven. Pittsburgh turned the ball over eleven times and Samford turned it over seven times. That's how Samford, despite shooting just 32% from the floor compared to Pitt's 51%, was able to hang around in the game. Samford also made eight threes and Pitt made only three.

Samford hung around for the whole game, including outscoring Pittsburgh in the second half. The Bulldogs were lead by Tyler Hood scoring 21 points. Michael Bradley also scored ten points and had eight rebounds. It is certainly true that Bradley's continued development will be a key part of the Bulldogs team. If Samford is going to contend in the SoCon, Bradley will need to turn into one of the best players on this club.

Player of the Day- Ike Iwamu, Mercer

Iwamu scored 20 points on 8 of 13 shooting for the Bears. He was the only Mercer player with more than seven points. He also had four rebounds. Iwamu has quickly developed into what is clearly the best player on Mercer's team and will quickly become one of the best players in the SoCon. Can Iwamu keep on playing like he has so far? The Bears need him to keep it up....and it wouldn't hurt if some other players joined him.

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