Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Daily Dribbles- 11/12/14

--Here is Spartan Fan Nation's take on Scanning the SoCon. Yes, there is a lot of repeat here, but it publishes his individual votes.

--Life Without Davidson in this week's SoCon Weekly Primer on MidMajorMadness.

--I posted a question on Twitter today- which team has the best chance on Friday night to win against a non-SoCon team that is a D1 team? In other words, who has the best chance to win between Western Carolina (at Mississippi State), Samford (at Purdue), ETSU (at Valparaiso), Wofford (at Stanford) or Furman (at home against College of Charleston)? My vote goes Furman, ETSU, Wofford, in that order, but a Western Carolina win wouldn't be an unbelievable shocker. Could easily be a night with no D1 wins for the SoCon.

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