Thursday, October 2, 2014

SoCon Digital Network Rolling....

The SoCon Digital Network is up and rolling....

Check out the details here.

And if you want to go to the Network, simply go here.

This is a great thing for the SoCon. The conference will have every home game for their teams on this network for live or later viewing. As someone who likes to follow the conference closely, this is great. I'll be able to watch multiple SoCon games and get even more looks at more and more SoCon teams. This is truly a great thing for SoCon fans.

Every SoCon game will be available. Every single conference game. Yes, the video itself may not be tremendous, but the ability to view it will be there.

This is a big step for the SoCon and for us as SoCon fans.

Commissioner John Iamarino has taken a lot of hits over the years, but this is a major step forward. It is not really forward thinking (other conferences already have this in place), but this is still a step in the right direction for the conference.

I give major props to the SoCon for doing this.

I think all of you will take advantage of this feature at some point this year.



  1. Soooo it seems to me like I can't get archived highlights on the SoCon DN to work. Whenever I click on a link (for VMI), it says "Page Not Found". Anyone else having this problem? Other than that, the site has a nice layout and easy to navigate. I just wish they would do full-game archives.

  2. Yes. I had that problem. Hoping they work it out soon....