Sunday, October 5, 2014

Random Meetings

So I was sitting in a conference room with a group of auditors in Kentucky.

And we're talking SoCon basketball.

Who saw this coming?

Certainly not me.

Despite the fact that I spend a lot of time writing about, thinking about, and talking about SoCon basketball, my workplace in Kentucky generally did not care. After all, they had the Kentucky Wildcats and the Louisville Cardinals to worry about. Even if they wanted to concern themselves with smaller conferences, they were more likely to talk about Eastern Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Morehead State or Northern Kentucky. So I generally kept my SoCon knowledge to myself.

I don't remember exactly how it came up on that June day this summer. But it did.

And suddenly, I realized that there were two auditors in the room with me. One had a father who graduated from The Citadel and followed the Bulldogs, but she was not a diehard fan. No, but she knew enough to carry on some kind of conversation.

But the other one knew her stuff. She was a Wofford grad, a Terrier fan, who also went to a bunch of home games. Yes, this was the sort of person I could talk SoCon basketball with.

And we talked. She vowed to follow my blog and I also gave her information on the new Terriers blog (http:/// and she very excitedly said she would read it.

The world seems like a big place sometimes. Other times, it doesn't seem like such a big place. That day, the world felt pretty small.

What brought us together? What was the common thing we could talk about so that the audit went OK? SoCon basketball.

See? SoCon basketball can help you in the business world. So follow SoCon basketball. And, as a shameless plug, follow this blog- where you can read plenty about SoCon basketball.

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  1. Thanks, John, for the referral! Hope you like the blog.

    I've enjoyed your latest post here, and I'm looking forward to the season and Scanning the SoCon.