Sunday, March 1, 2015

SoCon Tourney Challenge!

It's that time of year again!

Here are the rules:

1) Pick each game of the bracket, picking the winner of all nine games in the tournament.
2) Pick a player for a tiebreaker.
3) Points will be awarded as follows:
     a) In first round and quarterfinals, each correct pick is worth one point.
     b) In semifinals, each correct pick is worth three points.
     c) In the championship, a correct pick is worth five points.
4) If there is a tie, the player involved in the tie with the most points, rebounds, steals, assists and blocks combined in the tournament will be declared the winner.

The winner will earn....NOTHING BUT PRAISE! But hey, that's something!

Prove you know more than me about the SoCon (it's not hard- I never come close to winning this thing).

Simply e-mail me at or reply to this post and I'll track all the picks.

Good luck!


  1. First Round: Furman, UNCG
    Second Round: Wofford, Western Carolina, Chattanooga, VMI
    Semifinals: Wofford, Chattanooga
    Finals: Wofford

  2. My picks....
    Friday's winners Samford & the Citadel
    Saturday - Wofford, WCU, Chattanooga, Mercer
    Sunday - WCU, Mercer
    Monday - WCU

  3. First Round- Samford, The Citadel
    Quarterfinals - Wofford, ETSU, Chattanooga, Mercer
    Semifinals - Wofford, Mercer
    Final - Wofford
    Player - Karl Cochran

  4. First Round: UNCG, The Citadel
    Quarterfinals: Wofford, Western Carolina, VMI, Chattanooga
    Semifinals: Wofford, Chattanooga
    Champion: Chattanooga
    Player: Casey Jones (UTC)

  5. UNCG, Furman
    UNCG, etsu, UTC, vim
    Etsu, UTC

    Jalen Riley