Monday, October 22, 2012

Z Mason Demands Respect

Maybe I'm reading too much into some of Z Mason's comments. Maybe not. Go check out the whole article from David Uchiyama and the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Go ahead. I'll wait....


Got it? Great.

The most interesting part to me was the following:

Mason provided some instruction before the first official practice of the season. The junior called all the guys together — including two practice-only players — for a brief meeting without the coaches.

“I told them that we have to put the past behind us,” Mason said. “All of us older guys should be setting examples for the younger guys.

“I wanted to start the season off on a good hand, and I wanted to give everybody words of encouragement and that our destiny is in our hands.”

Maybe I'm totally reading too much into Z Mason's comments from the article, but I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed by Mason. He went ahead and called a players-only meeting. Before the first practice. He told them that it was time to go out and do what they have to do. They have to take their destiny into their own hands.

Believe it or not, even I felt like going out and running a wind sprint or two after reading it. And considering how long it's been since I've run a wind sprint, that's something.

He's calling out the "older" guys (like co-captain sophomore Rico White- just mention him because it's funny to list him as an older guy) to get over last year and put it behind them. He wants all the freshman to realize that what happened last year has no impact on them. All that matters is what they do from this point forward.

It sounds like Z is stepping up to the plate as a captain and declaring that it's time for this team to move forward. He is not just asking them to do it. He's demanding it. Z is a former football player- when he speaks, he people listen. He demands respect. If he demands respect, he can be a legitimate star for this program. He seems to have the talent and the mentality to get there. Mason is one of the Mocs biggest hopes this year. And I love the attitude he shows off in this article. It means nothing but good things as things move forward.

"Our destiny is in our hands." It sure is.

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